Peoria – Home of Championship Football

After a five year dry spell, Peoria is once again home of Championship Football. To make up for lost time, Peoria area schools won two state Champions. Peoria High School won 5A and Deer Creek Mackinaw won 2A – both for their first time in school history.

Peoria High School took their high scoring offense to the championship and were tested every step of the way against an evenly matched Vernon Hills team. The match was like watching two heavy weights go at it for 6 rounds. But in the end it was Peoria’s defense that took the ball from Vernon Hills in their last three possessions then marched on to outscore them 62-48. Junior running back Geno Hess ran for 215 yards and two touchdowns for Peoria High. Senior Jaleen James added 67 yards and a touchdown.

2016 – QB, Coran Taylor takes the keeper past two defenders from Vernon Hills

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