Florida Vacation(s)

We ventured to Florida this spring with a purpose – a little fun and a little work. While we were there, I caught some nice pictures.

March – Destin

Our plan for the first trip was to investigate home ownership in Florida. Friends of ours have a lovely condo in Destin. They were terrific hosts and showed us all the best spots in the area. Makes us want to return.

Destin has sand dunes for as far as the eye can see.

April – Tampa

We had a different purpose for our trip to Tampa – well partially. It was mostly vacation time and boy did we relax. So, that worked – check. We were supposed to look for Florida vacation homes here too. That didn’t work out too well because we couldn’t get off the beach. Yeah, it was that relaxing. Oh, mother nature opened up and offered some really good scenery too.

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