France May 2017

It’s been a while since I posted a new entry. Not for lack of desire but life has a way of getting away from you. In May, my job took me to the south of France to Montpellier. Technically, I’m told, this is not the French Riviera but it’s right next door. I feel like I’ve already been there because I drive through Creve Coeur, IL almost twice a week. That’s our Riviera and I live right next door. 🙂

We decided to fly into Paris and train to Montpellier so we could see the French country side. The ride into Montpellier was majestic.

After we were told we had to pay 50 Euro to change train tickets to the earlier train, we sat around for what seemed like forever. They don’t tell your train platform until the last minute. Why? I can only imagine is to avoid interference with the crews preparing the train for the next trip.  I truly enjoyed the ride down to Montpellier (MOP). We saw countless old cities and classic French country side. These shots only cover a slice of the beautiful countryside.

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