Sean & Julie Engagement Pics

Sean & Julie were engaged a few weeks ago. But they asked me to shoot their engagement photos while we were all together in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on family vacation. What a great feeling it was to capture their engagement pictures. Thanks to my first assistant, Ryan, who did a great job posing our subjects.

Jetta & Zach Wedding

Finally, after rescheduling three times and waiting for a year due to the pandemic, Jetta & Zach pulled off a beautiful wedding on 25 March 2021 in Tucson, Arizona. Congratulations to Zach and Jetta Smithwick!

Peoria Panos 2020

I recently added a couple new shots to this gallery. Bring these up in full screen. You will enjoy the detail.

Sunday Drive

After spending the morning cleaning up from a monster storm the night before we decided to take advantage of the beauty that often follows by going for a drive up old Route 88 (called Rte 40 now). What we saw were amazing vistas where God blessed the earth. The rich soil here in the Mid-west produces beautiful, flowing fields and cast against billowing clouds on a Sunday afternoon felt close to heaven. Feast your eyes on these shots and the video and I hope you will agree.

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Midwestern Saharan Sunset

Sometimes you plan and plan for the perfect shot. Sometimes the shot just lands on you. This is three of the latter. I believe the Saharan Sands drifted into the Midwest. As we sat down for the evening and looked out our window, the skies lit up in a red tone we had never seen.

Wildlife Prairie Park

Just a short 10 miles outside of Peoria, there is a 480 acre park reserve with native Illinois animals established by William Rutherford called Wildlife Prairie Park. Animals including Bison, Elk, Cougars, Black Bears, Fox, Bobcats, Crane, Bald Eagles, Otters, Owls, domesticated farm animals, and much more can be found in natural habitat. After cleaning up the yard today, Deb & I visited the park. Enjoy the shots.

Nashville & Destin Vacation

Deb and I drove to Nashville and Destin, FL. That’s right. We drove to make our own schedule so we could truly relax. I have to say it was quite enjoyable seeing parts of the country we have not seen.

We arrived in Nashville after a 7 hour drive from Peoria. My goal was to get some dusk pics of the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge overlooking the city. So, we quickly walked from our hotel to the bridge to scope out the best composition. After checking out the spots for pictures later, I flew the drone and waited for the sunset.

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Chicago North August 2019

This summer, Deb and I visited Ryan for a long weekend to just get away.  Of course, Chicago is possibly my favorite city to photograph. And I wanted to try out my DJI tech in this photogenic city. The weather and the city did not let us down.

Wrigley is just a few blocks away. Deb & I walked by the park just as the Cubs beat the Pirates. Wrigleyville was electric. They were in the heat of the league race. The win and electricity motivated us to go catch the game on Friday against the Nats. Unfortunately for the Cubs that game was the beginning of their slide. Wrigley was still a great baseball experience.

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