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Sean & Julie Engagement Pics

Sean & Julie were engaged a few weeks ago. But they asked me to shoot their engagement photos while we were all together in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on family vacation. What a great feeling it was to capture their engagement pictures. Thanks to my first assistant, Ryan, who did a great job posing our subjects.

Tampa Vacation

In June, we took the family to Tampa for a much needed vacation. We decided to rent a house on the beach, which was a difficult decision. In hind sight, we would not do it any other way. The trip was incredibly relaxing, just what we needed.

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MY First WW Trips

First Trips

New Job – November 2014

I took a new job in November 2014. My new job is a Worldwide role, which means I now have responsibility for a piece of business globally. On the day I was offered the job, I was asked to fly to Australia – possibly the longest trip I can make from Peoria. Get ready – GO! Then, we decided to go through one of the biggest reorganizations in IBM’s history. That explains why I haven’t updated my web site in a while.

The good news about this new job is that I am now traveling around the globe, quite literally. So, I will have lots of pictures and stories to share. The bad news is that my updates will likely be sporadic. My plan is to post short segments here on this page. Continue reading MY First WW Trips

Hursley 2014 – Road to Oxford

Saturday, October 4 – Heading to Oxford

After a great day in Bath, we headed toward Oxford. On Amir’s advice, we took a more scenic route from Bath to Oxford. That gave us a chance to see the beautiful countryside of rural England.

It didn’t take long before we noticed a picturesque field that we thought would be good for a couple shots. We decided to pull over at what looked like a farm lane. As Amir turned into the farm lane, the road disappeared from under us and Amir says, “Oh Shit!” Next thing we saw was hedges on both sides of a very narrow, steep, one-way farm lane. All I could think of is whether we missed the no trespassing sign at the top of the hill. Fortunately, about half way down the hill, Amir found a path he was able to squeeze the car into so we could get out and take a few shots. Continue reading Hursley 2014 – Road to Oxford

Hursley 2014 – Oxford & Beyond

Sunday, October 5 – Oxford

After finding our way out of the queues at Blenheim Palace grounds, we scurried over to Oxford to check out the sites. We did have to wait a while to escape the grounds because everyone decided to leave around the same time. It reminded me of the concert we went to in Tinley Park. The difference is that the Brits had a plan and executed it. We only waited about 30 minutes before moving along. It was lunch time when we arrived in Oxford, so we had to find a pub for a couple pints and some food at The Cape of Good Hope. My cousin Teesi gives it a thumbs up, so it must be good. I would recommend it to anyone lunching in Oxford.

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European Vacation Fall 2013 – Rome

European Dream Vacation

Deb and I took a dream vacation to Europe this in late September 2013. After our fabulous experience, we will be returning soon. This post is just one of five posts sharing the stories and images from our trip.

Rome, Italy – Saturday, September 28

Its Saturday 10:00PM Rome time and we finally arrived. We lost a day because we started on Friday mid-day. Even if we account for the 7 hour difference, it shouldn’t take 25+ hours to get to Rome from Peoria. Some of that is my fault because we flew through Heathrow before flying into Rome. The other part is on Alitalia. I was warned that Alitalia was notoriously late. True to form our 4:25 PM departure from London became 6:30 PM. Our driver must have been frustrated by the 2 hour delay too because he drove 100-110 km/h into Rome. Here we are in the back of a Mercedes racing through the busy streets of Rome at a high rate of speed. I thought I was going to die like Diana. But hey, we are here in Rome. Deb has returned to the mother land. Continue reading European Vacation Fall 2013 – Rome

European Vacation Fall 2013 – Vatican City

This is post two of five from our European Vacation in Fall 2013. This page is from our day in Vatican City and the trip to Florence.

Vatican City – Monday, September 30

People, people, people every where. What a genius move it was to sign up in advance for a skip the line tour of the Vatican. As we stepped out of the cab in the front entrance of Vatican City, we noticed what had to be over 10,000 people lined up outside the gates. We asked for directions to our tour starting point and learned we had to be on the other side of the city at the museum entrance. The atmosphere was like a World Series pregame where you had to dodge scalpers hocking their skip the line tickets every 50 yards or so. “No thanks. I’m good. No. I have tickets.” Well, I sure hoped our tickets will get us around all these people. As we maneuvered to the rear entrance, even more people waited in a line completely encircling the tall walls of the city state. We found our tour group in time and happily slid through the awaiting humanity into the Vatican. Thanks italyvacations.com! Continue reading European Vacation Fall 2013 – Vatican City

European Vacation Fall 2013 – Tuscany

Tuscany Tuesday, October 1

The third of five posts from our fall vacation to Europe, this entry captures our wonderful day in Tuscany. We could not have dreamed of a better day to explore the Tuscan country side. On Tuesday, we took in the Tuscan cities of San Gimignano, Chianti, Siena, and Moneriggiani from our base in Florence. Italyvacations.com set us up on a full-day bus tour of the Tuscan countryside and these historic cities. Continue reading European Vacation Fall 2013 – Tuscany