Hursley 2014 – Oxford & Beyond

Sunday, October 5 – Oxford

After finding our way out of the queues at Blenheim Palace grounds, we scurried over to Oxford to check out the sites. We did have to wait a while to escape the grounds because everyone decided to leave around the same time. It reminded me of the concert we went to in Tinley Park. The difference is that the Brits had a plan and executed it. We only waited about 30 minutes before moving along. It was lunch time when we arrived in Oxford, so we had to find a pub for a couple pints and some food at The Cape of Good Hope. My cousin Teesi gives it a thumbs up, so it must be good. I would recommend it to anyone lunching in Oxford.

Oxford is actually a collection of several schools, not a single university. We arrived on freshman orientation day. It was so nice to see the excitement in the faces of the young students.

Wednesday, October 8 – National Auto Museum

Unexpectedly, we were treated to a special event during our customer summit. The dinner was held at the National Auto Museum in the New Forest. Funny story about the New Forest, there’s hardly any forest to speak of. The closest thing they have is some shrubbery that the wild horses feed on. Yes, I said wild horses. In the New Forest, there are wild horses that roam freely. They are kept in specific areas with cattle grates, not fences; that is as long as the French don’t slip across the channel and steal them.

We had a delightful weekend and a productive customer summit but it was time to head back to London and fly home. As we departed, Winchester, I reminded Amir for the 5th or 6th time that we should get some gas before the level gets too low. Finally, he agreed to find a station before we hopped on the highway back to London and hit traffic.

We found a station just outside town but their pumps would not take credit cards without smart chips on them and we didn’t have enough cash to fill the car. Instinctively, I said “no soup for you”, Amir. Guess he’ll learn to get in line with the rest of us next time. Good thing the next station took our dumb American credit card.

We definitely had a terrific time visiting the English Countryside and visiting with our customers. At least I did. Thanks, Amir. Great times!

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